of fall and crunching leaves. [the tiniest nieces]

It’s time for the weekend.

In our home that means: time to finish the Sunday School lesson. [On Matthew] time to get my dishes caught up. time to enjoy the last minute preparations for our day of rest. And, as always, as everyday, time to milk the cows [that is a never-ending job, of course].

What are weekends like at your home?


Places that have encouraged me this week:

Donielle’s post on [Natural treatments for PCOS]

Ann Voskamp’s article at (in)courage on [becoming real]

Something yummy to bake for the weekend: [Pumpkin Muffins]

A song to fill your mind this weekend: [Orphans of God]

A little printable to remind us to be [giving thanks].

And for the laughter, my cousin Carla’s posts on [You Might Be a Mother If…] even if you’re not a mother, you can enjoy!


Last but not least- this week’s Bible Trivia question:

The Israelites were made to wander in the desert for 40 years.

Why was that the amount of time chosen?


May your weekend be filled with blessings.


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