Thanksgiving is coming. Pumpkin. Squash. Carrots. All those root vegetables that make their appearance when the weather turns cold.

When the chill starts seeping into the house… I bake.

When the first frost comes, I make bread.

When the first snow comes, I make snow cake.

Then cinnamon rolls. And pumpkin muffins. And sweet potato pie. And… well, you get the idea.

I have been working for some time at “naturalizing” my cupboards. Clearing out bleached processed things and replacing them with their natural counterparts. White rice for brown. White flour for whole wheat. That kind of thing.

The holidays have always presented a problem though. Some things came easily. Brown rice syrup replaces corn syrup. (and makes marvelous caramels…) I have an abundance of maple syrup and raw honey. I make cream cheese. I can pick up a pumpkin on almost any street in my town. (I love roadside stands.)

But what replaces powdered sugar? Nothing. So I always closed my eyes and put it in.

But this year I decided: I’m going to make this healthier.

Sugar, of course, is sugar. But there had to be something better than the perfectly white fluff you buy. (sugar shouldn’t ever be that white. Have you seen sugar cane?)

For this experiment I did splurge and buy raw sugar. Thankfully not white but still very refined. (it’s for the holiday’s though…)

raw to powdered

It was so simple. A blender. A cup of sugar. One tablespoon arrowroot powder. (you can also use cornstarch if you don’t have arrowroot) Blend.

Here’s the trick: after about thirty seconds, check it. If, when you pull the lid off, it looks like its smoking (all the powder floating around) then it’s done! If not then turn it back on for ten second intervals.

I was so very happy with it. And now my cream cheese frosting will seem a little bit better.




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