[kisses.from.katie] book review

Katie Davis was once a popular high school senior. She was homecoming queen, had a cute boyfriend and was planning on a college degree.

Today Katie is a mother. To thirteen children.

The time between those two lives? About four years.

Kisses from Katie is the story of how God grabbed a hold of one girl’s heart, turned her face toward Uganda and what happened when she said, “Okay, God. I’ll go wherever you want me.”

It’s the story of how she gave up everything familiar to be the adoptive mother of thirteen orphaned girls.

But most of all: it’s a story about God.

I was a little nervous to read this book.

When I was young I had two dreams. (I figured it was safer to have two, in case one wasn’t God’s dream for me. That worked well.) The first was to get married and have and/or adopt at least seven children. The second was to not get married and travel to another country and be a mommy to lots of little orphaned babies.

I’m not living either of those dreams.

I married. But couldn’t have, nor adopt (so far) any children.

I’ve read Katie’s blog for some time. And I love it. But I was a little bit afraid that the book would make me sad. Make me wish for what isn’t and cannot be.

It didn’t.

This book is a story of grace. Of God working, today, right now, in our world.

It made me look around and say, “Okay, Lord, what do I need to do today to be following you with abandon?”

It made me want to pull out my Bible and cram the words inside, let the life-giving bread fill me and overflow out of me.

And that, I believe, is the most valuable thing a book can do.

I encourage you to read it. Enjoy the story behind her blog posts. Enjoy hearing about her beautiful delightful children. And most of all let the truth of God’s love and redemption wash you clean again.

To buy her book go [here].

To read her blog go [here].

To support her ministry click on the picture below:


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