on the farm

This week has been full of good things. The weather has been warm and the corn is piled high in the silo. Four beautiful years have been given to my Husband and I. And hope for the future still warms us.


because God really knows how to meet needs – from Ann Voskamp

on the same note- love notes [what I don’t expect from God] – from Meg


I’m thinking about trying to adapt [this recipe]

perhaps homemade pudding,  raw sugar (or maple syrup), and fresh raw whipped cream?


Have been thinking about this: [the truth project]

Do I really believe that what I believe is really real?

Hopefully there will a few posts to come on that subject.


This morning our farm is a winter wonderland and snow is drifting softly outside my window.

Thinking about Christmas gifts:

[go here] for frugal gift ideas

Martha Stewart has a lovely



Today is 11/11/11 and I had fun looking up history from 100 years ago.

There was a cold front that came through [here]

make sure you read the comments!

You can even read numerous newspapers from that day [here]!


Last week’s Bible trivia:

What church, named in Revelation, had left its first love?

Ephesus, Rev. 2:4

This weeks question:

Twelve men went to spy on Canaan.

Only two gave a good report.

Can you name them?

May your weekend be filled with new joys!


One thought on “[weekend.joy]

  1. That picture is stunning. What a peaceful, beautiful place. My favorite section in my newspaper is the list of everything that happened on this day in history. When I see all the dates together, it reminds me that I’m barely a spark, as far as history is concerned. I always struggle with finding the balance between living with eternal perspective and living completely in the now-part, but lists like that sort of help me get it. Sort of. 🙂 Your blog is lovely!


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