This is the week of Thanksgiving. A holiday that I’ve been thinking a lot about this year. Well, at least the name. Thanksgiving. The act of eucharisteo.

In many ways this year was different than the years before. This was a year of new perspectives. A year of wholeness. A year that deserves a bit of remembrance.

So I am scratching out words again. Writing my story the best way I know how. Not because it is special or unique—but because it is mine and it is all I have to offer. So, take a walk with me this week, into my messy beautiful life and we’ll see what there is to be thankful for. My prayer, as always, is that somewhere in the middle of the stuff that makes up me, you’ll see a bit of you and a whole lot of God.

For everything God created is good

And nothing is to be rejected

If it is received with thanksgiving…

I Timothy 4:4


All of this is for your benefit

So that the grace that is reaching

More and more people

May cause thanksgiving to overflow

To the glory of God.

2 Corinthians 4:15

If you have a minute—read [this]. If you have more than a minute—buy [this book] and read the whole thing!

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