He gets these crazy ideas sometimes. Walking into my kitchen with that look in his eye. “New York Pizzeria.” He says. “I’ve had a hankering all day.”

I glance at the clock. Milking time. Right now. It would be crazy. But I shrug. After tomorrow I will frown on such thoughts (since I will be on a strict diet for thirty days, at least) but tonight, today… let’s be crazy. 

I love it when crazy ideas turn into God-ideas. Or maybe they were all along but we just didn’t know it.

We’re driving down the road when the phone call comes. He’s in the free-stall, working (I think for a moment, like we should be). Husband says, “Pizza”, and I hear laughter through the phone line. Seems this love of mine is not the only one craving Italian.  Our trip just got longer.

We walk into the pizzeria and there are only workers. We order. Large pepperoni, with sausage on half. (those farmers like their meat) The owner is sitting there. He speaks with a thick Italian accent. We sit and chat.

First the weather. Then business. It’s been slow. Then the taxes. Yes, taxes. What else could there be to talk about?

We talk of our ideas to reform society. [we all have ideas, right?] And when it is all said and done, as the pizza is being handed over… it happens.

That man of mine, he says the words- “In the end, there is only one thing that matters…” And the gospel story spills out. We just need the blood. Need to be forgiven. Need so desperately, Him, Jesus Christ.

The man listens. Nods his head. Did he understand? I don’t know. Perhaps it is not my business to know. Not part of my story. But here is a story I do know, spoken by Paul…

 I planted the seed, 

Apollos watered it,

but God has been making it grow.

So neither the one who plants

nor the one who waters is anything,

but only God,

who makes things grow.

1 Corinthians 3:6&7

And the thing I am most thankful for today, on this Thanksgiving Day? That I know the story. That I know the thing that matters in the end.  

A few minutes later we are standing in the free-stall, giving pizza to a hungry farmer. We’re laughing and talking and I’m remembering… this is another story I do know.

This farmer-friend. The one who grew up without knowing. The one who now knows. Because someone, somewhere, at sometime- told him about the only thing that matters in the end. And the seeds were watered and they sprouted. And God made this one grow. 

Maybe today we planted. Maybe watered? But there was a time that we harvested. And as I watch these men of God- these great warriors [dressed up as farmers] I am, again, thankful.


[week.of.thanks] do you know The Story? [read it here] 

May this Thanksgiving be a time of blessing to you, your family, your friend and neighbors. And may all know what matters in the end. 


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