The day after Thanksgiving, in my family, was the day to play Christmas music [pause: I am stopping for a minute to go turn on a Christmas CD] and decorate the house for the holidays.

Since getting married that has changed some. I think, perhaps, because we don’t have children so some of the little things just aren’t as fun. (I often wait to decorate until I can borrow a niece or nephew…or three or four.)

Still, I love the Christmas season. I love the music. I love the twinkle lights. (mostly the twinkle lights) and I love the smells. And! I adore the fact that people are friendly, especially in our small town.


Want a little craft?

Meg made these adorable walnut-shell candles for Thanksgiving but they will still make beautiful Christmas decorations: [here]

I think [these] mason jar decorations are so lovely. Maybe I will put some across my windowsill this year?

And aren’t [these] little boxes the darling-est things? Perhaps I will make some with tiny gifts inside for the nieces.

And of course! I will be making [these] cinnamon ornaments as soon as possible and putting them around my house (who says ornament need to just go on trees?) with strings of popcorn and cranberries…

yes, I made them. aren't they cute?!



May your weekend be full of cheer and good things and a few happy tears. xxooxx


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