Depression Meets Grace

The morning sun rises
Soft and slow upon the eastern sky
Another day has come and my heart whispers
I want more than anything
To hide my face again
But God in his patience
Love and firmness
Pulls me from my self-consumed
To say…

Why are you hiding, O, Daughter of mine?
Why are you wishing
To escape this life?
I created you to face what is before
To walk, not alone, but with me guiding
To be a witness
Not of perfection
But of my infinite, matchless


3 thoughts on “[grace]

  1. Beautifully and perfectly written. Thank you so much for posting this. How did you choose to not hide your face again? How did you let Him pull you out of it?


  2. I read the Bible. Every spare minute I had. I started at the beginning and just kept reading.
    That sounds kind of cheesy- written here- but it’s true.


  3. Love this. Especially those last four lines…”a witness not of perfection, but of infinite, matchless grace.”

    Thanks for being real and raw. It’s beautiful. You remind the rest of us that we’re not the only ones who have been there, yet you point us to grace at the same time.


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