weekend [links]

{something for your devotional time}

I’ve been listening to the Bible on CD lately and loving it. I’m not using it to replace my Bible reading but adding too it. Such a nice background as I do household chores or work-out. The Bible Experience is a wonderful rendition that I’ve enjoyed. For a couple free downloads, [go here].

{something for the kitchen}

mini-heart whoopie pies? I think yes. To see the simple trick to making these little treats [go here].

to make it a bit more healthy? try using [this recipe]

{something for the craft-room}

Little lace flower clips? So darling –> simple and easy, my kind of craft!

{something to make you think}

What is Authentic Faith?  a blog-post by one of my professors from Bible College. Worth the read.

{from the bookshelf}

<– A Heart Revealed came in a box of books that I got a few weeks ago. Actually, not as bad as I thought it would be. I enjoyed it. This author has the tendency to move very slowly then BAM! something huge happens and you’re like, “Say what?!” But it was a fun read.


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