weekend {2/24}

{something for your devotional time}

I know I just wrote a post on it but go read John 9. It completely overwhelmed me this week. We serve such a wonderful God. 

{something for the kitchen}

I have every intention of drinking coffee by the pot this weekend. Will be making some homemade french vanilla creamer to enjoy with my Haitian coffee (stronger and more smooth than American and will hopefully keep me awake so I can keep track of twenty girls!).

{something for the craft room}

I invested in chalkboard paper (oh, yes, they make it!) and we’ll be doing a photo-shoot at the Women of Promise Retreat. The girls each have to answer the question: “What is something you know to be true about God?” 

My answer:

{something to make you think}

How would God tell your story? Ever since finding out that Dr. Del Tackett has a blog (I have a slight celebrity crush on him) I’ve been reading through his archives. This was my favorite from this week.

{something from the bookshelf}

This week I pulled out my worn and well-loved copy of Jungle Pilot. (I have a celebrity crush on Nate Saint too) If you haven’t read it… I suggest you do. ASAP.

{from me}

If you think of it this weekend, would you pray for our retreat? Thursday through Saturday I’ll be teaching and goofing around with twenty 10-15 year old girls. Pray that God is near and that He speaks and that we’ll have our ears tuned to His voice!


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