weekend {3/2}

{something for your devotional time}

Ever had the sin in your heart compared to a rotten egg? Take a minute to be reminded of our great need for Christ.

{something for the kitchen}

I’m not a vegan. Nor do I suggest anyone become one. But there are times that having a cookie recipe that doesn’t require butter or eggs can come in handy… and this one is extremely yummy.

{something for the craft room}

We made these darling bracelets at our retreat last week. The tutorial is simple and easy to follow.

{something to make you think}

On finding balance in tension by Doc Leland. This subject has been on my heart lately… walking the line of truth without falling one way or the other.

{something from the bookshelf}

I’ve been back in some of my old favorites this week.

A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot

Jungle Pilotby Russell Hitt

Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund

{something from me}

I’ve been *almost* sick for the past week. Sore throat and all that jazz. It’s being held off with cups of cayenne tea and gargling with hydrogen peroxide [yes, it works. I use food grade because it makes me feel better but my in-laws use the regular stuff in the brown bottle. They haven’t had a sore throat that lasted more than a day in thirty years. It does foam. Just FYI.]

My week has been full of little ones [those who know me understand that this makes me ecstatically happy] and this weekend we get my two smallest nieces so my brother and sister-in-law can take a quick trip to Michigan. So happy. I mean, look at these two. Wouldn’t you want them?

Oh. Wait. They’re fighting there… Let me try again.

There! Now, aren’t they adorable?! *winks*

Have a blessed weekend,



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