weekend {3/9}

{something for your devotional time}

I’m always on the lookout for ideas that make prayer/Bible reading more approachable for children. This idea from Passionate Homemaking sounds like a keeper! It could easily be adapted for Bible reading as well.

{something from the kitchen}

With all the little ragamuffins running around my house, I’ve been in need of snack foods for in-between meal times. This list has come in handy!

{something for the craft room}

This week I pulled out another pinterest find. Writing with a sharpie marker on a lamp shade. My dirty, stained white lampshade is now a darling one-of-a-kind testimony of life. Yes, I John is now gracing the lamp beside my bed (and 2 John the lamp in my kitchen!). Next time I think I will use a fine tip marker so I can add a bit more of the swirly-letter feel.

{something to make you think}

Do you have a blog? Are you thinking about starting a blog? This post explains one of the most important aspects of blogging.  For such a time as this. Oh, yes. 

{something from the bookshelf}

March of Books 2012 at ylcf.org

Have you been over to visit YLCF for the March of Books? No? Head right over then! I’ve spent the last week reading reviews and loving the links to free ebooks/audio books. Not to mention, lots of giveaways!


2 thoughts on “weekend {3/9}

  1. Your lampshade looks awesome! I’ve seen similar in stores & thought about doing something like this, but don’t have a shade I could use. This is getting me inspired though!


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