while {reading}

I have several spots around the house that I curl up in to read. Truthfully, I can read just about anywhere. No problem. I can sit in the truck for hours, waiting for my husband, as long as I have a book along. (I usually carry at least one!)

But the best place in my house is the couch. The brown one with the afghan that is handy in case my feet are cold.

And if I’m wearing a long skirt and wrapped up in one of my husband’s sweatshirts… it is even better.

This post is for YLCF’s March of Books My Favorite Place to Read {link up}
March of Books 2012 at ylcf.org


3 thoughts on “while {reading}

  1. Hi, I’m just stopping by from the YLCF March link-up. The couch is a good comfy place for reading that I enjoy too. And I agree… as long as you have a book along, no place could ever be boring!

    Somewhere in the bookcase,
    ~ Tarissa


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