weekend {3/16}

{something for your devotional time}

I John 3:20 “This is how we know that we belong to truth… if our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts…”  

A friend challenged me this past week to take note of the times that my heart condemns me (oh, so often for this girl!) and listen carefully to what God would say for God is greater than my heart. Try it?

{something from the kitchen}

Menu planning! Since purchasing a copy of Trina Holden’s Real {Fast} Food  I have been slowly compiling recipes and am hoping to have a menu up and running by next week!

{something from the craft room}

Button trees with the littlest nieces! We had so much fun making these darlings and at 2 and 3 years old the girls could do most of it themselves!

{something to make you think}

The thoughts of one Mother as she teaches her little girl one of the most basic lessons of life… Do not put your hands in the garbage!  And the thoughts of another as she watched her son throw a fit for the very thing she wanted to give him.  (isn’t it amazing how children can help us look closely at ourselves?)

{something to make you laugh}

This had me in stitches and inspired me to write a few of my own adventures from my childhood (which will be creeping into posts over the next few weeks) enjoy!

{something from the bookshelf}

Spirit wars and God Love Broken People (and those who pretend they’re not) are both on my review shelf for this coming week. God has been using them (a lot!) in my life. If you get a chance, pick one up!

Have a blessed weekend!



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