[Titus 2] order or chaos

That they may teach the younger women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home

Attributes of a godly woman (6) Keepers At Home

Keeper of the home.

What an interesting terminology.  A “keeper” is someone who is responsible for something, whose job is to take care of and protect.  The “keeper” is the one who maintains.

In today’s society it is often looked down upon to be “just” a homemaker but the truth is that every woman makes her home.

Fran, the dear Christian lady that I have mentioned before, has repeated many times that attitude is everything. How we keep our home and how we enjoy keeping our home is completely dependant on our attitude. I still remember her holding out both of her hands and saying, “You can think I have to or you can think I get to.”

There is another problem though that seems to be dragging down the calling for women to be “keepers at home”.  Ministry.

Yes, I said ministry.

Good, lovely things are pulling women away from their homes.  Even within the church there are many who feel a need to be going, going, going… And I have a secret to tell you: I was one of them. Because my home consisted of just my husband and myself, it seemed that my home work was personal and the “real” ministry was out in the world.

For the first few years of our marriage I felt a constant pull to be going somewhere. There were women I wanted to interact with, children I wanted to minister to, unbelieving friends that I needed to maintain contact with… So many things were dragging me out of my home.

Don’t misunderstand, I loved being home.

Still, I felt that the things that I was spending my time on were important.

Then one day it all changed. A statement that I overheard sent an arrow straight to my heart and I realized that I was looking at everything the wrong way.

“I am here to serve the people that the Lord puts in my home.”

I began to understand…God is fully capable of placing the people he wants me to minister to in my home. Now, it is my first priority. Not necessarily the cleanliness of my home (although that is important!) but the people in my home.

I still don’t have any children. It is just my husband and me… and the dozens of men and women and children who come through our home each week. I make gallons of coffee, serve any number of people at a given meal, shrug my shoulders at dirty floors and support my husband as he shares the gospel over and over and over right at my kitchen table.

Of course, remember, this is my ministry. Yours may (and probably will!)  look different. (Not everyone has a farmer/evangelist for a husband!)

But I guarantee you it will revolve around your home.

If God took the time to write it in his word, then it is.  

Make it Real:

Look at your calendar. Are you spending most of your time at home or away? Be careful to follow the Spirit’s leading- but know that God’s choice is not that you spend your life away from your home. Start with next week. Is there anything that you’re planning to do that doesn’t have to be there?

Remember, God can bring anything to you. Don’t hide yourself in your home. Throw open the doors and minister from within. 


7 thoughts on “[Titus 2] order or chaos

  1. Another echo of what has been on my heart lately. I am convicted by this too. By keeping my home in a state so that I am able to throw open the doors. Also remembering that my home is not always at my house. Sometimes my home is in our truck with my husband and baby, when we haul cars. But even then it’s mine to keep. Thanks for a good and important reminder!


  2. Thank you for your boldness to speak this out there. I’ll share something with you. God moved our family entirely across the country for a new job. From Nevada to North Carolina. We only have one vehicle, so he used the company truck for about 8 months. Then, he gave it back. We’ve been saving for another vehicle, but what happen is this. My honey now has the sequoia – I’m homebound – it’s been about 5 months. And you know what – IT’S A GOOD THING! Sure, I’d like to take the kids to some of the homeschooling events, but God supplies the need where we are. I don’t have the option of just leaving the house whenever because of lack of self discipline, or because the mood hits, or we want to go shopping, the list goes on. Nope, we’re home and God has used this opportunity to really get my attention. Just what you are writing about here.
    Thanks for the post!


    • I, too, have had periods when I was homebound and I was amazed at how relaxing it actually was! Now I fight hard for my “home days” and enjoy them immensely. 🙂


  3. There’s truth to the phrase “There’s no place like home”. It’s so easy to think that our callings are elsewhere. Wonderful writing, with wonderful references.


    • Thanks, Jess. I think this is one of the Titus 2 things that I need to return to over and over. Like you said, it’s so easy to think otherwise.

      I’ll just have to think of Dorothy and ruby red slippers next time I want to allow something to pull me away from home! 🙂


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