‎”Do not fear the reproach of men, nor be afraid of their insults.” Isaiah 51:7

In the soft of the evening, I stare at stars that twinkle but do little to aid the churning in my stomach.  I’ve mentioned that I don’t do well with stress. That was an understatement.

Have I mentioned that I don’t do well with anger? That too, it seems.

Yet, anger in itself is not the enemy nor the sin. It’s okay to be angry. And to be honest, I’m angry now.

I spent the afternoon standing in the hot sun watching truth wage a war against lies. It looks like the lies are reigning and if they do, it means the destruction of a child who was on her last chance to stable adulthood.

Pray with us? With my family? Especially for my sister?

Pray that truth reigns. That positions and political gain are not allowed to determine a child’s future. Pray that God would work miracles on the behalf of a girl who is desperate for a family but scared to death of being rejected again.

Pray that what Satan means for evil will be made good. We serve a mighty, mighty God. One that is able to take the worst possible evil and turn it to good. And lack of integrity nor lack of godly wisdom on the part of the decision makers can stop that. 

I believe that truth with all my heart. 

Again, I ask: pray with us?


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