weekend {3/23}

{something for your devotional time}

I’ve mentioned that this has been a hard week. My devotional time has mostly consisted of me praying and praying. But today I thought, “Hm… I should take time to read something.” You know where I ended up? James chapter one. Verse twelve was like a warm blanket of grace saying, “I am with you. Do not fear.”

{something from the kitchen}

When the sun starts shining and the snow starts melting, I start craving veggies and sprouts. This recipe is a good base for a veggie wrap and the sky is the limit! I just ate one for lunch  that had alfalfa sprouts, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, sandwich steaks and ranch. Delish!

{something from the craft room}

I was so distracted this week that I did not do anything craft wise. Were any of you able to attack your craft table? What did you create?

{something to make you think}

Are you a blogger? My friend, Trina, wrote a guest blog this week at Allume for the {smaller blogger} that is encouraging and motivating. Go check it out!

{something from the bookshelf}

I’ve been finishing up a few books and publishing reviews. To read my review on Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton go here.  For more reviews, check out the {book reviews} tab at the top of the page!


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