[Titus 2] actions not reactions

That they may teach the younger women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good

Attributes of a godly woman (7) Good

                This section should begin with acknowledging the source of goodness. All goodness comes from God. He is the ultimate good. The only way to know “good” is to know God.

How do we know God? By spending time in His Word.

The Bible tells us a lot about goodness. Proverbs 12:25 tells us to speak good words. Psalms 37:3 tells us to do good. Proverbs 3:27 tells us to not withhold good when it is within our power to act.

That last verse is one that often brings me to my knees. I have a sentence written inside the cover of my Bible:

Let nothing that anyone does to you alter your treatment of them.

How hard this is! Yet, our “goodness” should not alter according to people’s actions. Our “goodness” should be based in who Christ is. He is our source. It has nothing to do with the person receiving it.

I am very aware of the words that I speak. It is not that I don’t ever say hurtful things but it is not my greatest struggle. In the same respect, I get hurt easily. Words are the most painful things that can be used against me.

I hurt a lot. A friend mistreats me, an acquaintance at church says something harsh, and a stranger gets upset about how long I take at the cash register. You know the routine…

How easy it would be to change how I react to them! To avoid the friend who treated me so rough, to stay on the other side of the church from the lady with the sharp tongue, to keep my head down while grocery shopping… But that is not what God calls us to do.

He calls me to love.

To love on this friend without trying to block myself from being wounded.

To love on this lady without trying to avoid her sharpness.

To smile at strangers.

To give care and attention to the very ones who are capable of harming me.

Not because of me. Not because of them. Because of who my God is.

To be good. To show good. Or, in other words… To be like God. To show God. 

Make is Real!

Take a moment to think of someone that you’ve been avoiding or “altering” your treatment of because of something they did. Ask God to give you an idea of a way to do good to them. A card. A visit. A wave. Whatever it is that changes your actions from being “reactions” and blesses them with good things. 


10 thoughts on “[Titus 2] actions not reactions

  1. I really struggled with this before leaving my job. My supervisor kept telling me (this was over months) that my co-workers were complaining about me. Just picky little things but enough to set me on my defensive. There was one in particular that she continually intimated was *tattling* on me, etc. At the end she told me that this woman had reported to her that I was being aggressive and had threatened her. You don’t know me well but neither aggression nor attacking is in my character and I was mad! I never did confront the woman. But God confronted ME about being kind no matter what she did or said. And so I opened my door (even though I wanted to retreat into my cave), I smiled, I waved, I spoke kindly. And after I quit I told her that I had given notice and she was shocked and seemed genuinely sad. It occurred to me that my supervisor was not above taking things out of context and this woman had possibly never truly offended me. I was glad that I was able to leave without hard feelings.


    • Oh, that is so, so hard. How wonderful that you were able to leave without any hard feelings though. Such a testimony!


    • Laura! It’s good to hear from you again.

      I pray that we all can carry what crosses come our way. And may we know Christ better through them. ❤


  2. Boy, that is hard to do! As I was reading I was thinking, I don’t do that, but I do. I do avoid the people that cause me discomfort of some kind. Something we all need to work at!


  3. “Let nothing that anyone does to you alter your treatment of them.” *sing sing voice* Con-vic-tion! Oh yeah. Ouch. LOL. Hit a big gnarly nail on the head right there. It’s hard to look at sin even when you genuinely want to change.


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