weekend {4/13}

{something for your devotional time} 

Have you spent time in worship this week? It’s so easy for me to just blaze through life without stopping. I looked at my guitar at one point and felt sorrow down to my bones that I hadn’t opened it and paused to sing to Him in ages. Let’s worship this coming week? Perhaps starting with this song?

{something from the kitchen}

It has been years since I’ve made it but this week I baked a few loaves of Amish Friendship Bread. Since I don’t eat instant pudding, I just added a bit more sugar and flour to make up for it. Very yummy and a fun tradition.

{something from the craft room}

New storage boxes!

{something to make you think}

What is truth? What are opinions? How do the two connect? In this post, Hold the Truth Tightly and Your Opinions Lightly, we’re reminded of a few good facts.

A friend sent me to this post on dating a few weeks ago. Yes, I’m married. But this is something that every woman should read and act on. 

{something just for fun}

A parable?  A laugh?


6 thoughts on “weekend {4/13}

  1. Yep, worshiped Him on my run in the quiet of the morning! Thanks for the encouragement sister!
    p.s. I hope to worship Him with the rest of my day too… 😉
    -Blessings out to you, Amy


    • That sounds beautiful. I ended up milking the cows alone this morning because my husband had an appointment- so I sang my way through milking and read through Romans 8. (I’ve been trying to memorize that chapter for like three years now. Someday I’ll get it!)


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