helpful hints on switching to whole-foods {part 2}

Part 1 is found here.

  There are {at least} four things that are worth the money/inconvenience to change

  1. raw milk. seriously. It’s worth it. If there is any possible way to find access to raw milk, do it. The health benefits are huge. A few ideas to finding a source? (for more info on raw milk, check out the links at the end of Trina’s post!)
  2. find an alternative sweetener that you like. this is big. And by “big”, I mean, really big. There are quite a few options, try them until you find a favorite. A lot of “whole-fooders” like using Stevia. I tried, then tried again. I don’t like it. And I almost went back to white sugar because I couldn’t stand the aftertaste. Thankfully, I didn’t give up. Our sweeteners of choice are maple syrup (I use it to sweeten lemonade, ice tea, ice cream, yogurt…) honey (for baked goods and hot tea) and date sugar is our favorite in pancakes. A few choices explained here. 
  3. Identify your staple carb.  (i.e. do you use noodles all the time? bread? potatoes? rice?) Now figure out a way to make it better.    Noodles: can you make your own? {check out Trina’s post)     Bread: try soaking? or sprouting? (If those words scare you, get a copy of Real {Fast} Food!)      Potatoes: are you frying them in good fats? Using raw milk/butter when you mash them? Do you enjoy sweet potatoes?      Rice: have you tried soaking it? (again, get a copy of Real {Fast} Food for some excellent recipes) cooking it in chicken broth instead of water?
  4. get rid of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) condiments and drinks. Ideal? Make your own. While you’re looking for recipes that you love, at least buy ones without corn syrup. I got a little discouraged here but I am up and running with experiments again. My favorite so far? Salad dressing that consists of equal parts of maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, and water. You can add a good oil as well but I found that it didn’t matter to me, so why waste the calories? (I’m still on the look-out for a ketchup recipe, so if you have one…) Really hate to give up soda? Have you thought of making you own? (Oh, yes, it’s possible!) 

And last of all, don’t forget: the goal is not to be “super-healthy” the goal is enjoy life fully. So, pick and choose! It’s better to just change one thing than to try and change everything, get discouraged and give up. At the very least, throw a few more vegetables on the table and enjoy spending time with your family as you eat!


6 thoughts on “helpful hints on switching to whole-foods {part 2}

  1. We used to get raw milk from a local farm when I was a kid! It was SO good! 🙂 Thanks for sharing some tips girl, you’re smart! ~ Blessings, Amy


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