God Loves Broken People {and those who pretend they’re not}

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For many, many years I pretended that I wasn’t broken. I thought the things that broke me were little, silly, irrelevant. I thought I could be tough enough, strong enough, intelligent enough, whatever-I-needed-to-be enough- to make up for any pain or heartbreak in my life. 

The first time the Lord spoke to me about this {or rather, the first time I listened to him!} he said, “Tasha, you cannot be your own savior.” 

It took years (and I still revert back!) for my mind to recognize my attempts to save myself, to hide my brokenness. I finally accepted the realism that when I attempted to “save myself” I was actually saying, You know what, God, I understand that you died for me and all that… but I think I can do it better. 

O, God, forgive this sinner. 

The only thing I can do is hide my brokenness. And hiding brokenness never heals it. 

In Sheila’s book God Loves Broken People (And Those Who Pretend They’re Not) we’re brought face-to-face with a God who loves.  Not a God who loves what we hope to be or what we wish to be but a God who loves. Period. End of story.

And here’s the life-changing fact: We’re all broken. Every last one of us.

We can admit our brokenness or pretend it’s not there but in the end the truth remains: we’re a broken-up mess. And God knows it. He knows every last detail and every last shattered piece. 

The Bible presents God as sovereign over all of history …including your history. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that He “caused” your difficult circumstances- God rarely privileges us with that sort of information- it does mean He will strengthen you to glorify Him through whatever comes your way. He saw it coming. He knows what’s coming next, and He asks you to trust Him in the midst of it all.

God Loves Broken People, pg. 68

This book is a fresh glimpse into the face of a breathtaking God. One who takes empty brokenness and creates beauty and purpose. 

Because I loved this book and I especially love the message it contains I am hosting a giveaway! To one randomly chosen winner, I will send a hardback copy of Sheila Walsh’s book God Loves Broken People (And Those Who Pretend They’re Not). 

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The giveaway will end at 12:01am on May 8, 2012.

Winner: Melody B.!

I received this book in exchange for my honest review from Thomas Nelson Publishing.


25 thoughts on “God Loves Broken People {and those who pretend they’re not}

  1. I am indeed a broken woman, but my scars, the ones HE healed, are precious to me! The best thing I have learned is I can be broken and even hurting but at the same time still be okay because God is with me, in control, and dishing out grace in heaps!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful post!


  2. I love how nothing surprises God. He is teaching me that lately. Sounds like a great book! 🙂 and I had no idea you had a Facebook page. It’s now officially “liked” 🙂 love you girl!


  3. Sounds like a great book! So glad you are sharing the wonderful messages of this book with your readers!



  4. For a long time I’ve looked at my own brokeness as a negative thing; something that’s brought me a lot of shame. Over the last few months, God has been speaking to and through my brokeness and I now realize that there is no shame in brokeness. This sounds like a book I need to read. Blessings to you for sharing this with your readers.

    I already like your page, but I liked and shared the link to this blog post on FB.


  5. I feel like I really need to read this book. Just what I have read seems to describe the place I am in my life right now. I also liked the page.


  6. This book will help many of us know and actually work with the mentality that it is not by power or might but by the spirit in all spheres of life


  7. I have become a pro at hiding my brokenness. But you’re right, Natasha, when you hide it, it becomes a cancer and spreads not heals.


  8. Bless you for the reminder of how we are so WHOLLY reliant on Gods mercy and grace in the broken moments…and the joyful moments, too. The book sounds like a real inspiration!


  9. Love this post, Natasha, and you’re absolutely right — every single one of us is broken, but it’s through our cracks and broken places that His light can shine.
    Hugs from VA 🙂


  10. Oh, Natasha…I have spent about an hour here at your place. Reading about your struggles, remembering my own, crying for you, then rejoicing with you. Thank you for being so honest, so transparent and so very, very real.

    Funny, my struggles are different but I can relate to much of what you are saying and my feelings often echo what you write.

    Bless you, my new found friend.


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  12. Ahh!! One of my favorite authors!! One of my all-time favorite quotes is one of hers: “But the truth is, all I have to offer to anyone else is a life surrendered to Christ so that his beauty and grace shine through my brokenness.”


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