if I could be Queen of any flower; I would be Queen of the Dandelions

I suppose that roses are more beautiful, lilacs smell sweeter, lily of the valley are more regal with their delicate little bells. Still, I would choose dandelions.

In the heat, in the cold, in the sunshine, in the shade, in good soil or bad- they flourish. They can be mowed over, dug up, cut down and they still spread and grow. Brilliant glowing yellow that covers fields and forest floors.

I would be queen of the dandelions because that’s how I want to be. Glowing Son-light in the heat, in the cold, in the sunshine, in the shade, rain, storm, good, bad, mowed over, dug up, cut down… I want to flourish.

I want my roots to be dug down deep. Latched firmly in the soil of life. I want the Word of God to be so strong in me that no matter the storm, no matter the trial, no matter the pain- I flourish. 

Starting next week I will be writing a new series. For eight (or so) weeks, on Monday mornings, I’ll be discussing ways to study the Word of God. Tricks that I’ve learned, or have been taught. Things that dig me down deep into who Christ is and what He wants from my life.

Join me?

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12 thoughts on “if I could be Queen of any flower; I would be Queen of the Dandelions

  1. This is my first trip here and can I say that I adore the WAY you write. I was going to tell you that the dandelions actually bring up nutrients from deep in the earth up to the grass which doesn’t have has deep roots. You probably know that from the writing here. Beautiful.


    • I’m so glad you stopped by!
      I don’t know if I really realized that about dandelions. How neat! I guess that fits right in with my theme. 🙂


    • They can be annoying in my garden… I don’t mind them in with the flowers but rarely do they grow there! There are farmers around her that literally have hay fields FULL of them and I think the bright yellow fields look delightful. It makes it difficult to dry the hay though. (But I even love unrolling the round bales in the middle of winter and seeing all those dried flowers! Between dandelions and buttercups- its little spots of sunshine in the middle of cold!)


  2. Oh, Natasha, I love dandelions as well! I don’t understand why people dislike them so much. They are bright, beautiful, and as you so beautifully wrote, tenacious. Go dandelions! And go, Natasha, on your new series! I’m sure it will be a blessing to many.


    • Thanks, Julie. 🙂 I’m excited about it and I’m loving the dandelions that are coating the fields right now…


  3. Evenin’ sister!
    This was most excellent for me to read tonight! Also, looking forward to your new Monday series. I’ll be back girl! Many blessings, Amy


  4. Lovely post. (And as you’ve probably figured out, I love dandelions, too.) Someday I am going to write a blog post on why my blog is named Dandelion Haven. 🙂


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