thoughts on {pain}

Thinking about this quote as I remember this conversation.  Oh, to be refined by pain and not to fear it or allow it to control my life. 


7 thoughts on “thoughts on {pain}

  1. Powerful! I missed something. Why are you in pain? I.recently decided that I have allowed too much living to be stolen from me while I wallowed in pain (physical and emotional) so I got on a strict diet and started water aerobics for exercise. I have a lot more freedom of movement in the water. This morning I was heading out to an 8:00 class and stepped wrong. I have Achilles Tendonitis in both legs and both ankles chose to give out entirely at the bottom of our stairs. I landed in the grass. Hubby came out to help me up. I tried to take a step and promptly collapsed again. I laid in the yard for a while with ice packs under my ankles. Finally … Slowly … Made it into the house. Still can’t walk, an hour later, and I’m frustrated by the set back BUT I have to acknowledge the blessings! I was at the bottom of the cement steps … Not the top! I landed in grass … Not on concrete. I was at home … Not in a busy parking lot or the pool. I was able to make it to my bed. I had ice packs ready. I already have muscle relaxants and they are doing their thing. This was not MY plan for today but I’ll go with it! Maybe we can pray for each other’s pain?


    • Oh, my! Ouch! I have tendentious in my wrist, so I know a little bit of that type of pain.

      I have been writing some lately about different types of pain that we can face, living in a fallen world. This was just a quote that I picked up somewhere along the road.

      Will definitely be praying that you find healing, dear. ❤


  2. *hugs* and lots of prayers.I agree that pain does have something to teach us, even if it just resting in Him and soldiering on.


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