Prophet {book review}

Ela Roeh is just a seventeen year old girl when our story begins. A girl on the road to marriage, with a family she delights in and a deep love for the InfiniteBut life spirals out of control when she sees of a vision of a city burning and a voice begins to echo in her mind. It’s the voice of God and he is calling her, a mere child and a girl, to speak up for the enslaved and mistreated.

The Infinite asks her, a child of dust, to speak His words and feel His heart and stand before Kings and armies with nothing but a twisted piece of vinewood and His voice in her ear.

Close your eyes.

“What?” She gasped through her mantle, captivated, recognizing the Infinite’s voice—hearing it as if He’d leaned over her shoulder and whispered into her ear.

Close your eyes, and you will see.

With the echoed warning that a silver-haired prophet has failed she walks away from her home and her family and everything she holds dear to confront an evil King and beg a nation to come to repentance. Knowing that with her decision will come certain death.

The author takes us on an adventure through a mystic land that reflects the ancient Old Testament world with nations and kings and evil worship of gods made of wood and stone and a loving Creator who calls them, each and every one, to repentance.

As someone who devours the stories of Old Testament prophets,  this book made me shiver. The truths about God’s heart are astounding.

“Is there hope?” Ela asks the Infinite as they watch a battle and the certain death of a king. “Until the last instant,” is His reply.

And that, dear friends, is truth.

One issue that I have with Christian fantasy is when “God” is unidentified. This book is crystal clear and while there are pieces of “fantasy” (I, personally, would have gotten in line for a destroyer as well!) the world is recognizable and the God, obviously, the same God that truly lives.

There are bites of humor and snatches of romance and an unrelenting call to follow the Creator.

The most wonderful part of all? We each have the chance to be His prophet. For real. On this earth. Today.

Prophet (Books of the Infinite) by R.J. Larson


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