because I’m crazy about them

Do you see these little munchkins?! (I know, it’s hard to resist kissing the computer screen.)

They are keeping me busy today.

We went for a truck ride (how can I resist when Hadassah says, “I-go?” in that adorable little 2-year-old voice?) to drop off a baler to the Amish (“Horsie! Horsie! Horsie!”) and then to the bank (“Hi, yes, I need 5 lollipops. Four babies and a husband waiting in the truck.”) and then to Stewarts (“I need a REALLY big ice coffee please. Thankyousomuch.”) and then home-again-home-again-jiggedy-jig to take pictures in the beautiful sunshine and then snuggle in for nap-time.

The Siblings

“my” twins


I’m hard at work on my latest project, which I hope to reveal to you all soon.

In the meantime, I have a few articles being published on other blogs over the next few weeks (I’ll be posting links so you can find me out there on the world-wide-web) and there will be a few pictures and graphics to entertain and inspire thought in-between.

And I’ll be back around before too long, so stay in touch!


7 thoughts on “because I’m crazy about them

    • Oh, my, yes. And, as my husband said: they could all be ours. (as long as we had a set of twins in there.)
      As you well know. 🙂


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