Waiting for Morning

Waiting for Morning is the story of one woman who loses almost everything in one fateful day.

Hannah Ryan waited for her family to return from a camping trip and could not escape the feeling that something wasn’t right. When the police officers show up on her doorstep she must struggle through the news that her husband and one daughter were killed by a drunk driver.

Kingsbury leads us through Hannah’s emotions in a vivid way, from denial to anger and the thirst for revenge. With one daughter still alive and in desperate need of a mother and a drunk driver with his own story of pain and bad decisions, Hannah must decide how God’s call to forgive applies to her life and what, ultimately, she’s going to do about it.

Karen Kingsbury is a story-teller, no doubt. A predictable story-teller, perhaps, but she has a gift for creating back story and weaving characters. This book is no exception. While much of it is easily seen ahead of time, the people are interesting and everything climbs to a satisfactory conclusion.

This is book one in the Forever Faithful Series. A Moment of Weakness follows this story and Halfway to Forever is the culmination of the two previous novels.

On the negative side, I often struggle through novels that have an extremely clear-cut agenda. This book is plain and simply, a novel about the devastations caused by drunk driving. There isn’t much for secondary story or any surprises. It does go the distance of giving you back story for the driver and what may have caused him to make the choices he did, which added a certain level of depth to the tale.

I know that almost every piece of fiction ever written has some type of agenda but I think it should be a bit more like a secret. Something that weaves in silently and then when the reader closes the book they think, “Oh, I think the point was…” But that is, of course, my opinion.

In the end, the book is very well written and that is worth a lot of points to me!

Have you read any Karen Kingsbury books? Did you enjoy them/not enjoy them? Why?

I received this book in exchange for my honest review 
from Multnomah Publishing.

4 thoughts on “Waiting for Morning

    • eh. there are better ones. I was trying to sound encouraging because it IS well-written. But not my style. 🙂


    • That’s funny because I read it back then as well but didn’t remember until I was half-way through. 🙂


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