a little prayer request to start the day?

I’ve mentioned in passing (but haven’t really been able to put my feelings in words) that a person I love dearly is facing cancer. It is my mother. (remember my memory-post about her before Mother’s Day?)

She is going in for surgery this morning at ten.

Pray for her? That things go smoothly. That the doctors are able to get out what needs to be taken out. That the end result will not be the need for chemo. That she will feel confidant and loved and close to her Creator.



Thank you all for the prayers! Mom came out of surgery around three. She is doing well but extremely tired. She did not get any sleep for at least two nights and has not slept well in weeks. Continue to pray that she regains her strength and gets rest?


42 thoughts on “a little prayer request to start the day?

  1. praying fervently. for peace, wisdom, direction, trust, and that He will take over the doctors hands at this very moment.


    • Oh, thank you, dear Rose. Things went very well. Praying now that results come back negative so they can be confidant they removed everything.


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