Weak and Loved {review and link to free download}

Emily Cook wrote a story. She titled it Weak and Loved: a mother-daughter love story. She opened herself wide and dripped life-blood onto the pages.

Her reasons for writing?

I write because the flowers grow, 

because the grace showers down on me 

and I am compelled to gather it up in words. 

And in my view, there is no greater reason to write. Her story shudders of grace and is worth every.single.second.

Emily has a daughter named Aggie. A daughter whose life went from normal to scary in one day.  A daughter who pulled her family with her down the road of epilepsy and hospitals and the unknown.

In Emily’s words,

Everyday moments became colored with both love and pain. The ugly silence of seizures continued to invade our normal days, and love itself began to feel like sickness. Even the bright moments began to burn- her smile, a giggle, fleeting moments of joy- as I feared for her future.

You will delight in meeting Aggie. Her sparkle leaks through the pages. Emily captures her daughter’s spirit with deft grace. And you will feel the heart-clenching as her condition worsens. As everything else stops mattering except to simply survive.

If you have ever walked through hardship, your spirit will tremble with hers as she prays,

“Oh, God, why do you make some flowers bloom and let others wither?”

In the face of life-altering pain, Emily Cook learned the most solid of truths: God is faithful. And in our weakness, He is strong and He is love.

Aggie’s body delved into weakness. A brain tumor eventually bleeping through the radar. And Emily herself fell into weakness. The God, I cannot handle another moment of this type of weakness. The glaring, horrifying, freeing truth that they were not strong enough to walk this road. 

Yet, walk it they did and my soul sings at Emily’s words of wisdom…

“People say to be strong. I say be weak and loved.”

Emily writes with beauty. From her description of church (“a gathering of sinners”) to her painting of God’s touch, (“I brought my scorched heart to God and he soothed it with living water”) you will feel as though you are walking the road with her. The writing is  real and tells a story that shimmers with light.

In celebration of three years of seizure-freedom for Aggie, the book Weak and Loved will be free on Amazon from July 15-19. Get a copy?* Celebrate with them? Be reminded again to surrender your own pain and fears to the God who loves.

*Weak and Loved is also available in paperback.

(catch up on “How’s Aggie?” at Emily’s blog.)

Many thanks to Emily Cook for inviting me to review
this book. It touched very deep parts of me
and left new songs on my lips.

8 thoughts on “Weak and Loved {review and link to free download}

  1. This is a beautiful share Natasha girl! I’m going to download it now… I marvel at the raw honesty in women of God’s hearts! It stirs my very soul… thank you for always sharing this way sister. I think you bless many! ~ Blessings, Amy


  2. Natasha, thank you SO much for this great review! I am so glad you enjoyed it… your words are so kind and I especially love ” It touched very deep parts of me
    and left new songs on my lips.”

    Singing with you friend, the songs of His loved children! 🙂


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