my stubborn heart {book review}

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I’m always on the lookout for new authors. Especially new fiction authors. Finding a novel that sweeps me away seems to be getting harder and harder these days. But I keep trying, just in case!

Becky Wade is an author to watch.

My Stubborn Heart was cute. A bit, ah, predictable, I suppose.

There is Kate, who travels to Redbud, PA to help her grandmother fix up an old house. And there is Matt, who is hired to do some of the carpentry work. He is, naturally, devastatingly handsome and, of course, mourning a dead wife.

However, Wade picks it up a notch with her vivid descriptions of Kate’s personality. Not your usual run-of-the-mill chic-lit heroine. Instead, a sweet, talkative girl who longs to follow God’s leading in her life. Even if that means continually being ignored by the grumpy man re-tiling the bathroom floor.

Even if that means giving up all her dreams just when she thinks they’re coming true.

The characters aren’t perfect (far from it). The story has a few little twists and turns even while following the same-old pattern (and lets face it, there are only so many story-lines in the world. Can’t fault her there.) of girl-meets-guy-falls-in-love-almost-loses-him-but-then-doesn’t.

The writing is clear and easy to read. I actually quite enjoyed everything but the prologue and epilogue. The voice switched for those and I wasn’t crazy about it.

Still, I will keep my eye out for more by this author. I think she has true potential and I’m excited about some new faces in the publishing world!

I was sent this book for review
purposes by Bethany House Publishers.

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