5 things I noticed from an {unexpected} week offline

Last week I lost internet connection and my laptop stopped working properly. In the week that followed I noticed a few interesting things…

1. my love for writing is not dependent on my blog

I still scratch words down and love it, even if they never see the glow of a computer screen. Guess I really am a writer. Whoop, whoop.

2. my house stays cleaner without a computer

ouch. Guess I need to pull out the ole timer again and practice a bit of restraint.

3. I leave home more often without the internet to distract me

It seems that I had more time to think of things to do away from home. Some were good (i.e. visiting a couple friends who were sick) and some not so good (i.e. running to Arbys for a jamocha shake)

4. Lack of computer time has no effect on my avoidance of folding laundry

Which means that I still have many questions about this strange psycho-neurotic tendency.

For example: Why do I avoid folding laundry when the actual act of folding is something I enjoy? Why do I despise hangers? Why do I so easily forget the clothes drying on the line until after the evening dew has fallen? 

These are but a few of many questions. Perhaps they are the type that will never be answered but I do mull over them periodically. (perhaps the key is mull over them WHILE I fold)

**interesting side note: my husband brought the laundry in from the line while I was typing this. I could have kissed his feet.

5. It seems that my gravest concerns while being offline are not centered so much on my inability to post anything as they are on my concern that someone may have written me with an incredibly important or time-sensitive question and in my lack of answer they may be frustrated with me or hurt or feel that I do not care about them.

Jeeze- Louise. Not much of a people-pleaser or anything, huh?


5 thoughts on “5 things I noticed from an {unexpected} week offline

  1. Interesting points to glean from your time away, Natasha. I am also a people pleaser and feel the same way when offline. It is good to step away at times. Most of us could get better at that. Enjoy this blessed weekend.


  2. I’m going to my churches camp for three weeks and they don’t have Internet connection except in one of the buildings. I guess I’ll get to see what it’s like w/o my computer/iPod. It always helps to take a break from that.


  3. Awesome sharing girl! The internet is a powerful pull… I’m just praying that God is a much bigger pull for me. Praying that my abilities, dependency, love for writing and sharing… comes from His love and not from me! Thank you so much for sharing! You’re cute. 😉 ~ Blessings from Maine sister, Amy


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