Why I Chose To Self-Publish {this time}

There were two things that I, as a writer, said that I would never do.

1. publish anything non-fiction

I found my writing voice as a young teen writing parables. Fiction has always been my first love. I have never intended to write anything longer than a blog post (or college essay) in the non-fiction genre.

2. publish an ebook

Don’t stone me or anything but… I don’t particularly like ebooks. I used a friend’s kindle one time. Almost developed ADHD right there. You think I’m overreacting, I’m sure, but seriously– my hands were shaking.


God did this crazy thing a few months ago. He said, “Write a non-fiction ebook.” At at first I said, “Say, what?!” And then I waited for Him to say, “Oh, whoops, forgot who I was talking to.” But, of course, that never happened.

So, I did the next thing that any girl would do… went hunting for an ebook already written that would say what I felt God was asking me to say. Which I did not find. And God said, again, “Tasha, write an ebook. Write your story and tell people what happens when they look at me from the middle of pain.” 

I wrote. And wrote. And when I was all done writing, I finally figured out why God said ebook instead of a good-ole-paperback. My story isn’t long. It’s rather short, actually. Ten chapters. Nothing that constitutes a full-blown book.

I mean, maybe someday it will, but today… this is all I have. And there is a reason that I needed to write today and not tomorrow. Today I am in the middle. And it’s all fine and dandy for someone who is past to look back and say, “Oh, yeah, God was there.” But it’s another thing entirely for someone who is, at this very moment, being scraped raw with pain– to say: “God is here.” 

And He is. And I want people to know.

Someday I hope to publish a normal old book that has paper pages and everything but today I’m called to be faithful with what I have. And this story is what I have. This short, painful, joyful, hopeful story.

To purchase a copy of Pain Redeemed {when our deepest sorrows meet God},visit here.

Edit: I’m so excited to announce that Pain Redeemed is now available in print!! The print version is expanded with a personal study guide, and a little more content– so come check it out! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Why I Chose To Self-Publish {this time}

  1. Although I haven’t written a non-fiction book or an e-book, I can relate to your feelings in this post. My “Charity’s DIary” books were written and published in obedience. It’s hard, but so rewarding to walk this path for and WITH Him. Just because He said, “Do this … ?” I’m really excited for you as you see your book (it’s a real book, whether or not it has an “e” at the beginning) become a reality. *Hug!* Blessings!


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