one thing that will always be true.

I want to write my own story.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t want to. His ways are better, higher. But I see only the now and I want to write it my way. 

I would have written in a baby that first year after our wedding. I would have carved in financial ease and I would have definitely given us neighbors that don’t harbor ill feelings toward us. I would have kept some things the same– like my amazing husband and our little house and the flat land that surrounds our farm. But the changes would have been drastic, I can assure you.

And if I could start writing today- I would inscribe that baby on the next page and I would definitely raise the price of milk and maybe even take time to change whatever is in our soil that keeps the electric fence from working (and therefore allowing the cattle to escape).

O God, to be honest, I want to write my story in a way that pleases me.

With much less pain and sorrow, more hope and victory.

Those were the words that I pressed onto my  journal page a few months ago. They turned into a song that I have been singing, and it is the chorus that has been holding me tight. I’ll share it with you today because my hope is that you will hear the truth and it will hold you tight as well.

It is true. Today, I want to write my own story– but I’ll surrender that want.  I’ll bow low and offer it up again because the one thing that will always be true, every day for all eternity, is that He is more than enough. 


10 thoughts on “one thing that will always be true.

  1. I love the idea of this… writing our own stories, and yet somehow {through His grace} opening them up to Him. I always enjoy your thoughts… I’m sharing about embracing Summer’s end today, come on over when you can sister! ~ Blessings out, Amy


  2. Thank you – such a good reminder for me . I’ve been submitting my dream of moving to a new town to Him but I’ve had trouble submitting the rest, somehow. I need to be willing to go anywhere, to be happy if I stay here…to let him craft something beautiful right where I am out of the ashes. And he is!


  3. I think we’ll always want to write our own story and still have space for His. It’s one of those things in life that just stretches us and eventually we may or may not be able to see how much more beautiful His story is. I feel that so deeply. Thanks for sharing your words.


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