In which I offer thanks.

My hands are shaking a bit, but it’s done. Out there.  All my broken words and the pouring out of what God has been teaching me. 

Pain Redeemed {when our deepest sorrows meet God} is officially available.

I’m so indebted to so many people.

To Meg, who edited my floundering, broken first draft (my husband said, “wow, looks like she wrote a book on the edges of your book!”) any smoothness or beauty is entirely her doing.

To Trina, who said (over and over), “Of course, you can do it!” And spent hours on the phone with me- discussing cover designs, marketing tips, and dumping prayers over me.

To Katie, who listened to the idea and said, “Yes, yes, YYYYEEESSS!” then prayed boldness and hope into my writing.

To The Ladder Bloggers who offered feedback and encouragement unceasingly.

And, of course, to my husband who “took one for the team” many times in the form of missed meals, one-sided conversation, extra barn chores, and a cold bed.

Pain Redeemed

{when our deepest sorrows meet God}

PDF: $3.99
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Pain Redeemed is a grievously beautiful call of hope. –Jessiqua


Though I have not faced the pain of infertility, Natasha’s eloquent voice echoes my own heart’s journey, and reminds and clarifies all God has been trying to teach me.  – Trina Holden 


11 thoughts on “In which I offer thanks.

  1. I’m only part way through but already your words have been so true and brought tears to my eyes. It’s a hard read, but one that will speak to the hearts of many. I look forward to writing a full review for you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your launch.


    • Thank you, Melody. I know just glimpses of the pain you have waded through and your words are more priceless because of it. ❤


  2. Congratulations! I was so blessed by your book, and think it’s a must read for everyone!!! Is there any chance that you’ll get it printed in book form? I would love to give it as gifts, but so few of my friends actually have Kindle.


    • The next step will probably be setting up Print-On-Demand but I haven’t looked into it yet. I’ll definitely let people know if I get it set up!


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