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5 thoughts on “refine.

  1. Hey Tasha, I love your book!!!! I’ve been having computer problems combined w/ not-enough-time-in-the-day challenges, so I didn’t get to read it till last night (despite thinking about it a lot). I love your open honesty and vulnerability. It is such an intensely felt issue that doesn’t always have happy endings and nice pat answers… And you did SOOO well at addressing those with I’ve-been-there sensitivity; I’m-walking-through-this personal connection; and what-I’ve-found-you-can-too HOPE. True beauty rising from the ashes.

    I hope you find encouragement in my saying (with faith & certainty) that this is only Part 1 of your story, Tasha. I can’t wait to read the updated and expanded versions. 🙂 Rhonda

    Please note: message attached


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