of autumn

of autumn

Every time I turn around I see a link for a homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte. So I gave in and tried it (peer pressure, you know) and now I’m addicted. Had to go buy an extra pumpkin and I’m just waiting for the cream to settle on the top of the quart of milk that I pulled from the tank so I can make truly real whipped cream.

caramel apples

I love caramel apples. I hate trying to eat them. But, oh, are they not the prettiest *fall* thing in the world? So grab some twigs, a few apples and whip up this recipe for caramel that will make your mouth water. (want to be a wee-bit healthier this year? Maybe try this maple syrup and coconut milk caramel. It’s on my to-do list because, well, can you even go wrong with maple and coconut? Exactly.)

Does fall weather make you want to bake? Me too. So I mixed these up yesterday for the men here working.  Pumpkin.  Sweet dough. Cinnamon. Icing. Mmmm, yes. They ate two each, complaining the whole time about me making them gain weight. I told them it’s good to pack on a few pounds for winter- it’ll keep them warm. They all rolled their eyes at me but kept eating…

We still have a month before November {the Thanksgiving month} so there is plenty of time to get ready and make the holiday season lovely. I’m debating between a simple board like this one or a special thanksgiving tree. The boys will love either so it all depends on what space I have available around the house.

There will be many other fun things to do before snow flies. Photo shoots, pressing leaves, creating a candy turkey or two, and painting lace patterns onto pumpkins.

We love to visit the cider mill every year for apple cider slushies and fresh, still-hot apple cider donuts.* We always go look at the waterfall behind the mill and get a few photos on the deck. This photo is from the year I got married. I had a special trip to the mill with all my bridesmaids {I’m right in the middle holding one of the twins.} Since then there have been five more children added to the pack!

* this year, I’m eating gluten-free and cannot indulge. However! Never fear. The wonderful world of Pinterest gifted me with this recipe and I’m going to do my best to try it out.

What about you? Do you have a special autumn tradition?

11 thoughts on “of autumn

  1. Wow those cinnamon rolls are amazing! Just in time since I’ve recently been told by my healthcare provider I must gain weight 🙂 🙂 🙂 I did have a question – when you made them, did you prepare the yeast in warm water before you stirred it into the dough mixture? Love your writings!


  2. This was delicious! I saw a similar leaf tree last year on SeeJamieBlog, but it was on the whole wall. I’m thinking we might do something like that this year. Have you ever tried cutting the apples in slices and dip those in the caramel? So much easier to eat 🙂

    Happy Fall!


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