a scribbled note {from a bad day}

I found it last night. I was trying to clean up the barn desk and this scrap of paper fell out. I had forgotten that day, completely, but I’m so thankful I scribbled the words on the back of the milk check stub. They made me stop and praise the God who makes the corn grow and the rain fall and grace pour out like rivers of living water. Maybe you can take a moment to praise Him too?

It was a bad day.

A tear-at-your-hair, I’m-going-insane, someone-just-knock-me-out kind of day.

The littlest one learned to say my name. It was darling a week ago but on this day? The two thousandth “Tata” made my nerves crackle. He is one snap away from me flipping out but thankfully he doesn’t have a clue.

Putting the cows in the barn is a nightmare. Push, shove, 3 in a stall. Really? What idiotic animals! I’m yanking on a halter and feeling thankful for every extra pound that clings to my hips as I throw myself backward to spin the fifteen hundred pound animal around. She comes and I fly onto the seat of my pants but at least her nose is headed the right direction. I swat at her and instead of soft hide, I hit the protruding hip bone and my hand screams in pain. Stupid. I grind my teeth to keep from yelling my frustration.

I forgot the scraps for the dog so I turn to race back to the house to get them. As I step outside every nerve ending tingles. It’s raining.

Hot, muggy, make-the-corn-grow kind of rain.

“Oh, God,” I whisper, feeling His presence as the whole day of frustrations wash away in the warm summer rain.

The brown grass under my feet seems to clap in thankfulness. My hands are lifting. My head bows.

I don’t know about tomorrow, but tonight, I know grace. 


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