She’s Got Issues {seriously good news for stressed-out, secretly scared control freaks like us}

The women who have been coming on Tuesday evenings are warm, fun, and faith-filled. They are also insecure, controlling, fearful and angry. Basically, they’re just like you.

Following the guidelines of Nicole Unice’s new DVD group experience based on her book She’s Got Issues, we’ve been meeting to talk, eat some food, watch a teaching clip and share our hearts.

Of course, I love taking time to interact with women, {I also love the excuse to bake yummy treats and light a few candles.} but my favorite part about this experience has been that the book and the teachings are so, so good and so, so applicable. 

Each week there is something heart-grabbing that stops me in my tracks and gives me an “ah-ha” moment. Something that sends me searching through scripture and underlining or scribbling notes.

Complete with quizzes to help you understand your weak points, teaching to direct you back to what God would say, printable journaling prompts and a great clip just for leaders– the DVD experience of She’s Got Issues has everything you need for a successful group study.

In the introduction Nicole takes time to explain how the book came to be and to give a little glimpse into her personal walk with God. It’s a beautiful story and so full of grace that it makes you hungry for more.

Even if you can’t do a group study, the DVD is a wonderful tool for personal use. 



I received this book and DVD from Tyndale Publishers in exchange
for my honest review.

4 thoughts on “She’s Got Issues {seriously good news for stressed-out, secretly scared control freaks like us}

  1. Thanks for this awesome review Natasha! And I love the way you created the image for the insecurity quote. I put it on my Facebook and Pinterest. I’m thankful God is using his word to reach into your heart!


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