The Sins of Sodom {and a mirror}

It is the church of Laodecia that makes me shift uneasy in my seat. The church that thought they were rich and strong, who were really poor and blind and naked. 

I’ve been there, you know. I’ve lived in the state of blindness and brokenness and thought that I could see. I stumbled around and wounded myself all while thinking I was strong and rich.

And I have a healthy fear of returning to that place. The Enemy is a master-deceiver and I know that, even now, I am not above being deceived.

Lord, keep the scales ripped off my eyes. No matter how painful the tearing.

The speaker says, “Let’s turn to Ezekiel 16.”

I smile. I love that chapter. The imagery of the baby, left to die in a field, and the Savior that comes along and proclaims, “Live! Live!”

But that’s not the part he reads. As we’re turning, pages ruffling through the sanctuary, he asks, “Tell me, what was it that caused Sodom to be destroyed by fire?”

No one speaks but we’re all thinking, it was her sexual immorality. Of course. It says so… doesn’t it?

“Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned;they did not help the poor and needy.” (Ezekiel 16:49)

The roaring starts.  Did he not just read about… me?

Oh, God.

Arrogance? My pride has stopped me in my tracks. Overfed? My gluttony for food, clothing, things is horrifying. Unconcerned? My ability to shut my eyes to the lost souls around me is troubling. Poor and Needy? When was the last time I sacrificed, really sacrificed, something I valued to help those in need?

Oh, God. 

What is the difference between me and Sodom? Aren’t we the same? Mirror images?

Except. Oh, yes. 

I have learned to kneel.  To bow lowAnd that is the thing that sets me apart. 

Unless we humble ourselves, we’re just as guilty as the next. Unless we cling to the cross, we’re lost. 

Today, again, the scales of blindness fall. My eyes are soothed with salve and my hands grasp the gold that is refined, the thing that makes me truly rich. I am no different unless I kneel. And when I bow low, I am clothed and fed and I receive my sight.

My pride is slaughtered. I joyful share what I have with those around me. My heart is turned to the lost and my eyes are opened to the needs I can meet in my community, in my home and in the world.

Lord, keep my eyes clear and my heart set on you. 



6 thoughts on “The Sins of Sodom {and a mirror}

  1. Amen!! I think more Christians have scales of blindness upon their eyes than they realize. Myself included. It’s easy to think that we have “arrived” or all together and doing well. But that is foolish pride! God sometimes has to take us through trials and fire to get our attention and peel back the scales off our eyes to really see we are headed down a foolish, prideful path.


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