the {real} me

My mother was exceptional. Unlike most teenage girls, I just wanted her with me all the time. When I was feeling awkward or insecure, Mama fixed it. Sometimes I even wondered if my friends liked me because she was so cool. (I never did ask about that and don’t plan to…)

I’m over at Allume today talking about fear and Mama and being real. But mostly the point is obedience to Christ… Come visit?

I wasn’t much like my Mama. I loved her. I always wanted her around. But my personality was so vastly different that I knew I would never be able to step into her role. 

So instead, I created another, different, “better” role to fill. I devised a sophisticated, tall (I really was tall for my age at one point in my life) non-frizzy haired, model Christian that existed only in my head (or at a great distance).

Mama would whisper things to me at times. Things about God calling us to not fear and about using gifts and not burying them in hopes of something different. I didn’t always listen very well.


3 thoughts on “the {real} me

  1. My mom sang “Chiquita Banana” too!!!! She’s been gone 3 years now… thanks for reviving the memory and bringing a smile!:-) I try to remember the words to sing to my children, but… that’s where it ends!!! Blessings! ~R


    • All I can remember (even right after I convince her to sing it again) is “I’m Chiquita Banana and I’m here to say…” 🙂

      Glad this brought a lovely memory to mind…


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