true beauty.

I watched beauty that evening. So breathtaking that tears stained my chin.

Hadassah was with me, her two-year-old fingers gripping my hand and her head tilting in question. I smiled reassurance through saltwater.

“We want to start fresh,” they were saying, “we want to live our lives for Him.” A new beginning. 

His voice was thick and the other men in the circle let their tears fall unhindered.

“When I was younger, I was baptized into our church and I acknowledged Christ as Savior but I didn’t really give Him my life. I want a fresh start. I want to die to me and live for Him. I want a place in time that says, here. the line is drawn.

When he falls silent, she speaks. Quiet words of the same testimony. “He’s been saying this is what he wants and I started thinking about it. And I want it too. I want it for our marriage, for our family, and I want it for me.”

The Believers are gathering and I feel rocks and sticks under my knees as I kneel and my fingers brush hers. I have no words but the Spirits and I cry for God to meet us. And He comes. 

The creek water ripples and I’m snapping pictures and prayers dance on the wind. It is beauty. 

Raw, fearless beauty. The surrender of lives and the birth of Christ all over again.

“I know that if I take this step today and continue to make the same choices I have in the past, nothing will change. But with the help of God and you all, I am going to continue this path of surrender.” The wisdom of his words swirl and I watch as friends dip him under and raise him up new.

It is truth. And my heart cries, me, too, Lord. Me too. 

I well remember my own dip below the aqua blue water in Englewood, Florida. I surrendered my life that day but I know that I am as guilty as the next when it comes to crawling off the altar.

How thankful I am for the body. For men and women who humbly cry out and offer themselves to God, whose examples remind me to firmly place my life back on the altar. For in my surrender, I find the thing that my soul longs for. I find Him. 

Where, friend, are you today? Have you let your faith become just another thing that you do– or are you humbly bowing low before the Creator and Redeemer of all? 

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9 thoughts on “true beauty.

  1. so many layers of beauty in this Tasha… as always with your posts. blessings to you as you faithfully walk this sometimes barren, sometimes lushly beautiful path. Rhonda


  2. amen and amen! There was nothing more significant to me in my life than the moment I was brought to the place of needing to shed a layer and step up to the next level God has for me. It’s a thankfully life-long place for those of us who continue to walk. Gaw-geous!


  3. Love this line: ” I want a place in time that says, here. the line is drawn.” – I think modern Christians have lost something that our Old Testament forebears knew … we NEED sign posts, historical markers, tokens that provoke questions and prompt memories. Perhaps a shadow box holding bits and pieces that make no sense to others but speak of grace and mercy to us? A vial of river water, a small twig, a rock, a torn bit of cloth, maybe even a negative pregnancy test? Reminders to our own hearts … and to to those who come after us … that He is good … always!


  4. Oh’ how I too long to be baptized again! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us friend… It’s all or nothing God! Praising Him tonight. ~ Love from Maine, Amy


  5. It’s all about surrender… instead of fighting for what we want in life that isn’t always His will for us. I re-dedicated my life to God this year and am re-learning what surrender truly means. It’s means all of Him and less of me. It means His will and not mine. It’s means following Him, no matter what the cost.. even giving up my desires.


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