a week of thanks

This year as I contemplated my posts for the week of Thanksgiving, I felt a distinct leading to do something different. There are so many things to be thankful for. I have lists that number over a thousand of tastes of beauty and God-moments in everyday.

But for this time in my life, I felt the Lord clearly say, Thank me for the hard things. 

The hard things? Oh, Lord. I’d rather focus on the pretty things. On sunlight hitting the wood floor and the crackle of the fireplace and evenings of laughter.

Yet, over and over, these past few weeks the words have come. Thank me for the hard things. 

So I am kneeling and writing words that leave tear stains. I am pulling apart depths when I want to just skim over the top. And I am seeing God. I am trembling at God-moments that rival any I have ever felt. And the beauty is so thick that I can close my eyes and smell and taste the glory of it all.

I hope you’ll join me between now and next Thursday… staring at the wonder of the hardest things in my life made beautiful.

Limited Finances

Failed Adoptions




6 thoughts on “a week of thanks

  1. This is exactly what the Lord has led me to do this week. Actually this year. It is sooo much harder than it at first appears! Thank you for sharing.
    And thank you Lord for un-explainable health issues… I know they make me stronger on the inside.


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