God is stirring up the church.

Have you noticed this?

Every week we gather with our Bible Study group. We share our hearts and the Lord brings conviction, change.  And His Word is breathing.

We’re experiencing growth. Strengthening. Calling.

Then we go out and meet people from all over who are experiencing this same thing. We draw in gulps of oxygen and sit back in awe.

Everything by Mary DeMuthThat’s how I felt when I picked up Mary DeMuth’s new book, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus. Like I was breathing deep of truth. About one chapter in, I went hunting for a pencil to start marking passages. About three chapters in, I went hunting for my husband to read parts to him.

Then I started reading the chapter about the paradox of failure and just sat and let tears fall.

It’s my story wrapped up tight in hers and I realize, it’s not me that I see, it’s Him. This is a God-story. The one He longs to paint in each of us.

Friends, God is doing something. It is not something new, it’s the same thing He’s been doing for centuries, but more and more people are starting to listen. He is drawing a line in the sand and calling His disciples to stand up. He is asking for everything. 

In many ways, this book is the perfect counter-part to the ebook I published this past fall. Pain Redeemed is the story of God asking for my everything. And it’s facing head-on that sometimes “everything” means walking hand-in-hand with pain and sorrow.

Everything by Mary DeMuth

Mary’s book is the story of God pulling and drawing and shining light into dark places. It’s the story and explanation of what happens when we surrender. It’s the nitty-gritty, the heart-wrenching pain, and the glory.

If you only purchase one book this coming year, I encourage you to make this the one. 

He is everything. He really, truly is.

Let’s live like we know it.

Everything- Mary DeMuth

To find out more about Mary DeMuth, go here. 

To find more book by this author,visit here.

I received this book from Booksneeze 
in exchange for my honest review.

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9 thoughts on “everything.

  1. First, wow. Thank you so much for reading the book and sharing your heart here. You are an answer to prayer because I prayed this book would land in the hands (and hearts) of those who needed/wanted its message.

    Second, your blog is beautiful. Thanks so much for featuring Everything here. I’m humbled.


    • There is so much good in it, Mary. Thank you for being brave enough to write it.

      And thank you for taking the time to come visit. I’m so glad you were blessed!


  2. It sounds lovely, Natasha. Our church has been praying for true revival- but really, sanctification in the life of every believer is a miraculous gift from God. I’ll have to pick this one up!


    • I think it is the timelessness that has my heart burning… When the words from people’s heart mirror the words I read in my Bible– I know that God is truly moving. And how excited I am!


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