Pain Redeemed {in print!}

How excited I am to be writing this post! Last night the mail brought me two big boxes of books (yippee!) and I’m still a little in awe. Mostly, I’m ecstatic about the newest addition to Pain Redeemed —a personal study guide.

And I have to tell you the story. Obviously.

When Pain Redeemed launched, so many of you sent me emails asking about print copies of the book. It was not originally in my plan to pursue getting the ebook in print, mainly because, well, it’s short. Less than 100 pages.

I came to the conclusion that if I was going to put my book into print, then it needed to be expanded in some way. But how? The answer came in my inbox less than a week after I began praying about this.

First, an email from a reader that said, “I printed off your book and have filled the edges of the paper with notes. God is speaking and speaking…”

Two days later, I received another email, this time from my sister-in-law who had just finished the book and said, “I wrote up some study questions, if you’d ever want to use them…”

Can we say “God”?

We (my awesome editors and I) debated on how to “market” this new addition. We thought about calling the questions a discussion guide but then nixed that idea because of the deeply personal nature of the questions. These aren’t just, “Hey, is there any pain in your life?” These are deep, dig in, lay your sorrow at the feet of God and see what He has to say about it, questions.

And there we found the answer. A Personal Study Guide. A few questions for you to ask yourself as you read, helping you take the timeless truths from Pain Redeemed and apply them to your heart and your life.

Of course, these can be done in a group setting if one would like.

As I’ve mentioned before, when wading through pain, the best thing to do is read the Bible. Open it, start reading, and don’t stop. Because it is in Him that real healing is found. Not in my book, or any other book. Just in Him. {but I do pray that Pain Redeemed keeps you pointed in the right direction!}

For those who don’t know much about the book, check out some reviews here.

So, how can you purchase the print version?

You can purchase from Amazon {click here} for 8.99 plus shipping (the book is eligible for free shipping if you’re spending more than $25.  So, for those of you who do a lot of Amazon shopping, this may be the best option!)

or through CreateSpace {click here} for 8.99 plus shipping.

or, for those of you who live nearby, you can purchase copies directly from me. They are $10. {shipping included in price} I will have copies on Sunday {for any church readers who might want one} and can be contacted by email at natashametzler at for those of you who don’t see me regularly.

Oh, and we can’t forget!

Subscribers to my newsletter were given the opportunity to be entered in a drawing for 2 free print copies. Congratulations to Jessica S. and Alison!

If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter yet, click right here, so you won’t miss out on the next giveaway!

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11 thoughts on “Pain Redeemed {in print!}

  1. One copy has been purchased and will hopefully be making it’s way to Scotland soon! So excited! Thank you for making it available for purchase on!
    One day it would be awesome to be able to purchase your 25 days of Christmas too, but no pressure! 🙂


  2. Yay! 😀 That must be a thrilling feeling, to hold a book you wrote… And I would like to buy your book, sometime when I have more than $2.75 in my bank account. (Trips have a way of doing things like that to one’s bank account…)


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