Unending Devotion

There have been stories circulating lately. Stories about modern-day slavery and women who are trapped tight and dying slowly over months and years.

And we see pictures and hear these tales that make us angry and horrified but they seem so far away. We may buy jewelry or bags or donate money with the promise that it will help free someone, but here is the question: what if that someone was your sister?

IMG_7415One reason that I love fiction, is the ability to take a “what-if” situation and make it seem real. Jody Hedlund did some research and found out that it was during the lumber-era (late 1800’s) that white slavery (forced prostitution) was introduced to the state of Michigan. In her novel, Unending Devotionshe takes us on a vivid trip through that time period through the eyes of an idealistic young woman in search of her beloved sister and the son of a lumber-baron who has closed his eyes to the evil in town so as to make a larger profit.

The story is engaging, well-written and historically accurate. The message is for today.  

And the fact that it’s real, and happening right now keeps me startled. Helping provide jobs so these women have something to do when they escape is a huge part of the problem. There are wonderful programs out there  that need our support and, most importantly, our prayers.

I want to do these things. I want to help make a difference.

unchecked evil
I love novels like Unending Devotion because they help me keep the truth in the forefront of my mind. It is a gentle, but firm, reminder that there are more important things in life besides my comfort and there are lost people around me, desperate to be free.

Want to know more about Jody Hedlund? Visit here. 

Want to know more about fighting to end slavery? Visit here. 

I received this novel in exchange
for my honest review 
from Bethany House Publishers

8 thoughts on “Unending Devotion

  1. Thanks for sharing Natasha… I’m going to check it out! It’s so good that this problem is starting to be addressed. ~ Love out, Amy


  2. Sounds like a fabulous book! I’ve heard that this is a problem right here in Oklahoma, which horrifies me! How can slavery exist in the Bible Belt? God forgive us for turning away from that which should break our hearts!


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