Pain Redeemed and Grace Learned

Children were denied me and my soul cried in agony. I beat the door of heaven until my hands were raw and bleeding. And silence echoed.

And there, with my head bowed low and my hands dripping blood, I finally broke. I blinked away tears as I poured through Scripture, searching for hope.

I’m over at today sharing about why I wrote Pain RedeemedMichele also offers a mini-review of the book. Do click here and come visit?

There are certain principles that are wise and prudent to live by, but they are not “cure all” answers to life’s problems. Everything must be approached with grace. Mounds of it. So much that it spills out onto every word, every thought, every action. By all means, we should learn to handle our finances and we should aspire to help others do the same, but only with humble grace.

I’m also over at sharing about how I learned to approach the area of finances with grace. (Yeah, ouch.) Read more by clicking here .


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