things i love about my husband {2} coffee spells love

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse

I never liked coffee.

Then I moved to Brazil.

Down there they drink coffee with chocolate. It’s a mocha, but way better. I loved it but never could create a replica back here in the States.  I’m not sure if it’s the coffee that’s lacking, or the chocolate, or both. 

When my husband and I were dating, we would stop at a local diner every Saturday morning for coffee. It tasted a little bit like watered down dirt. Not kidding. But we went every week anyway.

It wasn’t until we were married and went to Haiti that we fell into the habit of good coffee drinking. Haitian coffee is creamy and strong and a bit like drinking dessert for breakfast.

We didn’t have a coffee maker so my husband would get up early, light a match to start the stove, heat up water and then slowly, carefully, poor hot water over a paper towel (I don’t know who brought them to the mission house but we were eternally grateful) filled with ground coffee.

He would serve me a cup of creamy goodness and then would head back to bed. I would curl up on the porch with my coffee and Bible and think, by golly, I’ve got the best husband in the world. 

Coffee is still our love language.

And to be honest, it’s not really about the coffee. In fact, sometimes we substitute tea or hot chocolate.

It’s mostly about having something little and simple that says, quietly, “I thought of you and I love you.”

And my husband is so, so good at this. It is one of the biggest things I love about him.

In fact, just yesterday, he showed up at the door with a cup of Stewart’s coffee (the closest thing we’ve found to Haitian coffee in the United States) and handed it over with a kiss and a rush back out the door to work.


The Challenge:

Think of something little that your husband does several times a week that shows you his love. It might not be coffee… maybe it’s picking up his socks (in which case, I’ll be a little jealous) or maybe he washes dishes, or takes the kids for a few hours so you can breathe, or brings home little prizes for you…

I’m sure you can think of something. 🙂 And once you do: go tell him “thank you”! 


9 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {2} coffee spells love

  1. He’ll dry the dishes while I wash, and we get to talk about our day while we do it.

    We make each other tea/hot chocolate on a regular basis, too. 🙂

    He lets me share whatever he’s eating/drinking, and almost never protests!


  2. Wow, Tasha,
    I am so impressed with your story about your hubby bringing you coffee. You have a good man there!!
    As for something that my husband does for me the list could go on and on but I will just list a couple. The first one: He cleans up the kitchen many times a week for me so I can do other things that I want to do!!! Sometimes he does it at night when we are both tired. It is very thoughtful of him. It relieves me and sure does make be feel loved. When our children were little he always got them ready for church on Sunday morning so I could sleep in. ( We had 4 children under 5 year He did it for years and I still love him for that.


    • I’ve always loved your stories of how Curt helped you with the kids when they were little. He’s a good man as well. 🙂


  3. Coffee aka “fwockee” is our love language too! It’s our “communion time” a few times a day when we are able to connect and share devotion time in the morning and to compare notes with each other in the afternoons. NOTE: Have you ever considered mixing a few teaspoons of Rich Chocolate Ovaltine in your coffee with cream or half/half? It’s the only way I drink mine anymore!


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