things i love about my husband {3} grander

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouseWe were married three months when I mentioned, in passing, my need for new sneakers. The next day I learned that my thought process connected to that phrase was different than my husbands.

He picked me up from work and we went directly to Dick’s Sporting Goods. He make me pick out a pair of shoes, all while I was protesting, “Honey, I meant that I needed to start watching at the thrift shop for a pair…” And he quickly and effectively shut me down.

“I’m your husband and I want to buy you a good pair of shoes,” he said, grabbing the ones I liked the best and heading off to the cash register.

It was the beginning of something that I would have to learn to accept with grace. He does everything a little bit grander than I expect.

Like the year I said, β€œOh, honey, is there any way we could put a porch out the back door? I think it would make the house feel a bit larger, and I could send the little ones to play on the porch without worrying that they would go near the road.”

He started working and by the time we were done (2 years later, I might add) I had a beautiful addition to my living room, two porches, a woodshed and a raised flower bed.

Sometimes it frustrates me. Simple requests often turn into huge projects that take much longer than I want to wait. But if I stop and think about it;

I love this part of him.Β 

I love that asking for a bookshelf turns into a room of shelves. I love that asking if we could set aside money for a new camera, turned into a Canon DSLR with three lenses.

And I’m learning to enjoy the process. To embrace the year it takes to get the room encased in book shelves. To enjoy the six months with no camera, in anticipation of having the camera I didn’t dare dream of. To love the two years (and counting) of slow remodeling.

It blesses me, and grows me, this desire of his to give me the best he can.

The Challenge:

Can you think of something your husband has done for you that is a little bit different than what you originally wanted, but in the end was greater than you would have dared to ask?



9 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {3} grander

  1. Oh, my. This is my husband all the way through. My two latest purchases that would never would have been made without him are the canon camera and a gym membership. The “tree house” we are working on is another example, and next week we are sitting down with a Amish cabinet maker to plan out a new kitchen in our house.


  2. Ohhh! I so identify! My hubby is a “researcher”. Everything we buy has to be a quality item that is exactly right for our need. I was raised as a “whatever works” gal. So sometimes this trait is a little exasperating for me. But over the years I’ve learned to appreciate it. I know that if he makes the jump to get something, it has to be a pretty awesome thing.
    We don’t have much, but what we do have is guaranteed to work when we need it to! πŸ˜‰


    • Aw, thanks! πŸ™‚ I’m glad it’s been helpful.

      I have to say, these have been the easiest posts to write. I think I could easily list hundreds of things… but keeping it at 28 is probably best to keep reader interest alive. *laughs*


  3. The picture of you both says it all doesn’t it… giving and receiving love! I am also very blessed! We’ve been through hard times but on this side of 10+ years of marriage, we’re feeling the spirit of God’s presence in the middle of us…such peace. ~ Blessings out, Amy


  4. Oh my, I sure do identify with what you wrote today. I have many times ( to my shame) despised the fact that my husband does things grander than I would do. I wish I would have learned the lesson in the earlier years of marriage that it is OK to let him be the man and bless me. My tight wad nature always struggles with this. I do recall a time where he said go ahead and get something that was much more money than I thought wise. Well interestingly enough those family photos hang on my wall to this day!! I am grateful that my husband is very generous to me!!


  5. I love surprises on my birthday, and my husband has gone above and beyond my expectations many times in this area. Two years in particular he planned a weekend getaway for the two of us without giving me any warning. The first event on each weekend agenda was always to purchase enough new clothes (pajamas, undergarments, shoes & swimsuit included) to get me through the entire weekend. Then he would whisk me away to a resort or B&B for 2 days of relaxation and pampering. Thank the Lord that my birthday falls around tax return time :], but thank the Lord most especially for a sweet and wonderful husband!


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