things i love about my husband {8} books

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse
I always thought I would marry a guy who loved to read.

Mostly because I spent the majority of my childhood hiding from my mom so I could finish that last chapter before she made me go clean or do school work.

IMG_8088It ended up that I married a guy who has poor reading comprehension. He loves stories but has to read a page 3 or 4 times to grasp everything.

It was somewhere during the first year of our marriage, when I was sitting on the couch with my nose in a book and he was twiddling his thumbs, that he asked me.  “Tasha, why don’t you read your book out loud to me?”

And so began the tradition.

We read about 8 books a year this way. And I love it. 

My husband could probably care less about the novels, but he enjoys the time spent with me (and I like the books!)

The Challenge:

Is there something that your husband does with you, just because you love it?


11 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {8} books

  1. Oh wow! My hubby’s the same way! I’ve read him several books since we’ve been married. I don’t know about anything he does WITH me just because I love it. But there’s things he LETS me do just because I love it. (writing primarily) 😉
    Do you have any cures for keeping him from falling asleep while you’re reading? Evidently, what I think of as an exciting read, puts him to sleep. He totally digs long theological treatises though 😛


  2. Love this! We both love reading so we often read aloud to each other. He’ll watch girly movies with me, just because I love them. 🙂 (Pride and Prejudice, Princess Diaries, that kind of movie. 🙂


    • Just this week I made my husband watch the entire Anne of Green Gables saga. Next on the list is the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. 🙂


  3. My hubs and I are the same way! I absolutely LOVE to read, and he loves the good stories, just not so much the reading. I also read really quickly if it is something I am interested in, and he reads slowly….which totally kills me when I finish a book and want to talk about it. We discovered that the best solution was for me to read aloud while he does other things. He’ll turn on a video game, and I’ll pull out a book. It is a 4 hour trip from our house to where my family lives, so when we make the trip, I keep a book in the car. 🙂


    • We do a lot of our reading in the car too! (as long as I’m not getting carsick, which does happen on occasion when I try to read).


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