things i love about my husband {12} perspective

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse

I’m wearing four layers of clothing while we work in the barn. The wind is whipping across Tug Hill and biting my exposed skin when I step outside. My husband comes through, “We need to run to town for fuel,” he says.

So I jump in the truck.

We’re only stopping at the bank and the gas station. I don’t know how many times I’ve made these same stops without seeing a single person that I know.

This time we run into everyone and their aunt’s cousin’s brother.

In the truck, on the way home, I mention while patting my layered stomach, “I haven’t seen some of them in quite awhile, they’re probably thinking, ‘my she’s chunked up’.”

And he looks at me and says with a wink, “But just think, Tashie-girl, the next time you see them they’ll think, ‘my she’s looking good!'”

We had a good laugh but the truth is that I love my husband’s ability to help switch my perspective around.Β 

The Challenge:

Does your husband ever help you change your perspective on a situation?


7 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {12} perspective

  1. Oh yes. All the time. He helps me look at things through eyes of faith, even when the circumstances seem rough. He helps me look at myself through his eyes, beautiful even when I don’t feel so. He helps me “chill” and not take things so seriously and personally. He’s so good for me. πŸ™‚


  2. Yep… unintentionally, he’s taught me a lot.
    When I was younger, I made pretty much all my decisions with “my future husband” in mind. Learn to cook because you’ll be a wife someday. Learn patience because you’ll be a wife someday. Stay pure because you’ll be a wife someday.
    However… my dear hubby was in his mid-thirties (never married) when I met him. So he had already given up on ever getting a wife. His life was devoted to serving God.
    At first, it was a little offensive when he first told me “I don’t stay faithful because I love you, I stay faithful because I love God.” (He loves me too, but he was making a point)
    But then… I started to understand how it was MY mindset that was messed up.
    All of our decisions must be based on God, not man, not any man, not even our husbands.
    My husband had to face the harsh reality that he would never marry. So he devoted his life to God, and its still devoted to God. I’m #2.
    However, without meaning to, I worshiped the idea of being married more than I worshiped God. I treated God almost like He was a substitute for my husband. I thought that He would sustain me and my needs and desires “until I got married.” Then of course I’d have my husband and God would slip to the sidelines while my husband fulfilled the hole in my heart.
    Of course, I didn’t think it all through that way. But after I got married. My husband’s humble heart showed my selfish one up real quick… πŸ˜€
    Our relationship with God should only grow deeper after we get married. We should only learn to love Him more, to need Him more, to desire Him more. No man can fill that hole in our heart, no matter how wonderful and godly he is.
    Yeesh… sorry this is so long. SOAPBOX ALERT!!! πŸ˜€


    • Ah, yes. Love all of this, Jessiqua.
      My husband was at the same place of surrender, and I, so often, need the reminder of his perspective. God is, always, number one. And we need to be continually moving Him back for the forefront of our minds.


  3. My husband has this gift of making the most serious of situations — funny. I don’t know how he does it, but it certainly helps me navigate the bumps in the road! πŸ™‚ This is an awesome series, by the way. πŸ™‚

    Love your Allume friend,



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