things i love about my husband {15} comfort zones

28 days of intentionally honoring my spouse

Praying aloud doesn’t come easy for my husband. I remember when we first were married and he would pray silently at the dinner table. I wondered, slightly, what was wrong with him.

In my home we prayed loudly, sometimes right in the heat of the moment. Mom would be lecturing us about our behavior and then her lecture would turn into a prayer. At the dinner table we sang prayers and laughed through prayers and if the mood struck us right, we’d beg my dad to pray in french and then interpret.

But then I grew up and found out that many people didn’t do that. For some, prayers were simple and short and, as in my husband’s case, often silent.

But slowly, over time, he’s stepped into the ability to pray aloud boldly.

And I love it. I love that he has been willing to walk through that which is not comfortable, and in the process, God has been able to use him greatly. In my life and in the lives of those around us.

In our home it will never be my husband who starts singing a prayer. Ever. (Although he does periodically pray in Creole.) But he does stop and publicly invite God into our situation, time after time.

And I love him for it. 

The Challenge:

It can be hard when a spouse has a totally different experience in certain parts of daily life. Has your husband ever surprised you by stepping out of his comfort zone? Have you honored him for it?


5 thoughts on “things i love about my husband {15} comfort zones

  1. We do the same thing as you in our home..pray aloud all the time..our lectures from our mom turn into prayers also. My dad sometimes prays in German and then we interpret. I love singing prayers too.


  2. Wow… I was just thinking about this difference in comfort zones earlier today!
    Our differences have more to do with speech though. I’m a tell it like it is person. My hubby… takes the long way to say something.
    So… I (used to) easily embarrass him. Because I have no problem being a little crass while explaining my feelings on *certain* things. Call a spade a spade, you know?
    This trait used to shock him. And his beat-around-the-bush trait used to frustrate me.
    But now we’ve both enlarged our comfort zones a little. I’ve gentled my speech, and he’s toughened up a bit. And I love him for it. 😉


  3. He helps in the kitchen, and with housework–both things he’s not crazy about, but he does it anyway. And he’s become more outgoing and willing to have people over and spend time with people, even though that’s not his thing as much as it is mine. 🙂


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